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Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring as a form of orthopaedic assessment and as a biofeedback mechanism, allowing the Kinesiologist access to information from the 86 billion neurons of the human body.

Kinesiology uses many techniques adopted from western medicine (chiropractic, physical therapy, osteopathy, myotherapy etc,) as well as an understanding of the of the energetic body using principles and knowledge from traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines (acupuncture & chakra systems).

Kinesiology does not diagnose, rather we work with the person's own innate healing abilities to correct neurological, muscular, skeletal and energetic imbalances with the aim of bringing the client back to optimal health, fitness, and performance.

Below are just some of the areas which Corrective Kinesiology may be able to help you:

• Posture: pelvis, spine, and neck
• Muscular: Kinesiologists can assess all the muscles in the body and correct muscular imbalances
• Pain: muscle tightness, injuries, headaches, backaches, TMJ
• Balance & coordination
• Brain Function: overall brain integration, cerebellar and vestibular function, overactive and emotional survival, movement, reasoning & clarity of thinking, the 5 senses, learning difficulties, memory, and speech.
• Primitive & postural reflexes
• Primary movements & specific movements (kinetic chains)
• Gait Assessments
• Goal setting
• Psychological reversals
• Fears/phobias/inhibitions
• Addictions
• Sabotage and patterning behaviour
• Emotional Stress Release
• Nutrition
• Allergies / sensitivities/ intolerances
• Sleep & body rhythms
... and more!
Applied Coaching & Exercise Science incorporates the skills and knowledge learnt in over 18 years as a tennis professional (Tennis Australia Qualified Club Professional Coach), as well as the knowledge gained from a 4-year university degree in Exercise Science (Honors Award)

Matt is an Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES) with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA).

Matt applies both a coach's and player's eye to his clinical work.

As a former Victorian Institute of Sport Athlete and US College Scholarship Holder, Matt understands the physical & mental side of being an elite athlete.

Matt has vast experience coaching and training elite athletes (some of whom have current ATP & WTA tour rankings) as well as working with athletes of all ages and ability levels bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in program periodisation, biomechanical analysis, one-on-one coaching methods, learning styles and communication skills.

Matt's studies and experience have given him a good knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, nutrition, exercise physiology, sports psychology, injury management, sports taping, program periodisation & exercise prescription, and how all of these can be applied to specific sports training or just your general health & wellbeing.

Matt is able to apply his coaching and exercise science knowledge to work with your individual coaches and trainers to collaborate and communicate as part of your high performance team.
Matt combines his skills in coaching, exercise science, kinesiology, functional neurology, and kinesiotaping into his unique form of 'wholistic' Sports Therapy.

Sports Therapy is not a massage, but it does utilise many manual therapy techniques including trigger point therapy, neuromuscular resets, proprioceceptive neuromuscular facilitation, muscle energy techniques, bowen therapy moves, and myofascial release techniques.

These manual techniques can then be complemented by corrective exercises and drills to train your mind/body to integrate the changes.

Booking a session with Matt will allow you to interact with someone who understands the complexity of how your brain affects your muscles.

By understanding the value of looking at his clients as the sum of their parts and not just a bunch of unrelated individual systems, Matt has learnt precisely how movement can be used to influence your brain and how your brain can be utilised to influence your movement.

So if you've suffered the effects of long term injury, maybe postural problems, issues with your flexibility or coordination, and muscle imbalance, Matt is uniquely trained to get through those problems in record time.

Matt has the knowledge to assess how the ailments you experience in your body correlate to the systems that control those things.

A few of the benefits you can expect from a session would be the switching on of dormant muscles or weak muscles, that might be behind some of your movement problems, improving your spinal and pelvic alignment which ties into improving your posture, and ultimately improving your ability to move in a coordinated manner.

Now all of this together is going to reduce your risk of injury and improve your enjoyment of training movement for years to come.
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